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We Offer Repair Services To All Makes & Models of Vehicles in Kempner, TX

  • Whether your vehicle requires major repairs or is due for maintenance checks, Auto Truck Clinic of Kempner, TX is qualified to handle it all.

    All our technicians are highly experienced and trained and know exactly how to address all vehicle repairs and services.

    From Cars, Trucks, Diesels, RVs, Tractors, Boats, and even Firetrucks, we stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    Not only does this ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly the first time, but it also helps keep your vehicle on the road as long as possible.

    So, if your vehicle is giving any trouble or requires major repairs, call us or set up an appointment online. You can also contact us if you have any general questions about your car. We are here to help our customers in any way we can.

  • You Can Count On Auto Truck Clinic

    We service and repair all makes and models of vehicles.

      • Cars
      • Trucks
      • Diesels
      • RVs
      • Tractors
      • Boats
      • Firetrucks

    Towing available after hours!

Our Services

    • Oil Change
    • Brakes
    • Front & Rear Suspension
    • Alignment
    • Tire balance and Rotate
    • A/C Service and Repair
    • Transmission Service & Replacement
    • Engine Replacement
    • Headlamp Restoration
    • Coolant System
    • Starting and Charging System
    • Tune-up